Memoir Dataset:

Quantifying Image Memorability in Adolescents


To examine whether image memorability differ between adolescents (11-18 years old) and adults, we selected images from the MemCat dataset and measured image memorability scores in adolescents through an online visual memory game on Amazon Mechanical Turk. Here, we present the dataset with adolescents memorability scores annotated for each image, and named it Memoir dataset. It includes 1000 images organized in five main categories (animals, food, landscapes, sports, and vehicles) randomly sampled from the MemCat dataset. Images can be further classified into different subcategories (such as sheep, salad, waterfall, basketball, and airplane). Our study found that image memorability is consistent across adolescents and adults.


Citation: G. Almog, S. A. Naeini, Y. Hu, E. G. Duerden, Y. Mohsenzadeh, “Memoir Dataset: Quantifying Image Memorability in Adolescents”, PsyArXiv 2021

The database is used only for non-commercial research and educational purposes. Please cite our paper if using our dataset. Please also adhere to terms of source datasets.




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